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Welcome #RunningBeyondBaby 2.0, coming September 20th. 

#RunningBeyondBaby 2.0 is a 12 week comprehensive running program for female runners who want to finish, run, or CRUSH a 10K or half marathon distance.

It's 12 weeks of running and strength programming designed to help you run faster and stronger, increase definition, add lean muscle, challenge you and push your body to see what it can do... ON and OFF the pavement.

This 5-days-per-week program is for ANY level of runner who wants to tackle a longer distance smarter and more efficiently without nagging injuries, junk miles and continue to build the body they desire.

There are THREE levels to both the 10K and half marathon training plans in addition to 2 full body strength workouts, core and mobility to make the most of your training. I've spent the last year working on this brand new fitness program as an addition to the #RunningBeyondBaby 5K program, and I'm excited to give you a chance to try out the workouts, get some experience with them and then let me know what you like and don't like so I can make this program even better.

This is a beta test, and it helps me to create a perfected program before launch. It's 100% free, and zero risk.

#RunningBeyondBaby 2.0 combines the most effective running training with functional strength to generate maximal results ON and OFF the pavement.

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About Shira, creator of #RunningBeyondBaby

I’m the founder of MomBeyondbaby™ and a certified personal trainer, hormonal fitness specialist, postpartum coach, group fitness instructor and a BadAss Mama with Muscles.  

Over the last 11 years in the fitness industry, I have done everything from bodybuilding to marathons to body pump™ and everything in between. I’ve coached thousands of mamas both in person and online at ShiraNelson.com.  

I personally aim to spark the bold unapologetic potential that lives within every mom. I’ve inspired thousands of women to step into the power that motherhood awakened within them. The power to change their health, become something they never imagined, and ultimately their lives and the lives of their children. 

In an industry that’s saturated with extremist messages from self-acceptance to the point of apathy to messages urging moms to “get their body back”, I’m here to bridge the divide, forge a new path, and provide a healthy middle ground . I am living proof that motherhood awakens within us a wellspring of strength that we never knew existed. 

I invite women into this program who are truly ready for change. You’re tired of bullshit simplifications and quick fixes. You want something real, sustainable, and want to see what your body can do... beyond baby.  

I refuse to promise a quick fix but instead embrace the women who want push their bodies and truly see a change in their physique as well as their strength.  

You want to see what’s possible after babies and are ready to see motherhood as a strength when so many others see it as a setback.  

My personal philosophy is that moms can be strong, fit, and fulfilled while raising a family. We can do anything, because we’re moms, not in spite of it. 

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